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5 Physioball Core Exercises That Build Strength and Stability

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Stuck in a rut when it comes to working your core? A physioball core workout is a great way to liven things up and provide some extra oomph. It strengthens your core muscles and provides extra abdominal support for y...

11 Food Services That Deliver Ready-Made Nutritious Meals

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Let’s be honest. If you’re not much of a cook, healthy eating can get boring after awhile. Plus, who actually has time to plan, shop and prep a complete meal these days? The following companies will bring...

5 Core Finishers for Advanced Athletes

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Athletes are always looking to gain an edge. And they’re always looking to strengthen their abs, low back and hips—commonly called the “core.” After you complete your heavy Squats, tough Bench Press...

7 Exercises to Build Complete Hip Strength

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Many athletes focus on strengthening their quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes but forget another key muscle group—their hips. The hips are the fulcrum point for all lower-body movements. Weak hips can cause an antalgi...

Tabata Abs Workout

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Kobe Bryant – Perfection | Basketball Motivation 2 (HD)

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My dream goal!!!

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My dream goal!!! You’re Fitspiration


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Be Fit Motivation

Do it for yourself and only you!

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Do it for yourself and only you! You’re Fitspiration

Our Favorite Fall Recipe: Spicy Chili

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Kristin AmbrosinoFall Recipe: Spicy ChiliLooking to build muscle? Chili is the choice for you.Sure, chili's full of flavor, but the comfort food is also brimming with health-boosting, muscle-building nutrients that yo...

Healthy Snack Recipe: Smoked Almonds

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October 25, 2013Candice KumaiRecipe: Smoked AlmondsThe perfect snack for when you're kicking back."I like to snack while watching TV with my girlfriend. What can I make that's healthy and also tastes good?" --Ben...

81 Ways to Be a Better Chef

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Adam Bible and Brian GoodCutting EdgeThe 81 best ways to be a better chef.[Photo: Charles Masters] Chicken and Poultry 1. Buy in bulkEspecially when there’s a sale. When you get home, break the packages down into sing...

The Lean-Body Yam Pancake Recipe

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November 27th, 2013Lean-Body PancakesThe perfectly balanced breakfast recipe.Fueling a body to build muscle and remain lean at the same time requires a smart balance between protein and carbohydrates. Protein will hel...

VIDEO: How to Shuck an Oyster

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Nate MilladoShuck an OysterHow to prep this nutrient-rich appetizer.There isn't a more impressive appetizer to serve on New Year's Eve—or for any kind of party, for that matter—than perfectly shucked oysters on a bed ...

The Get Lean for Life Diet

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Tommy ShanksGet Lean for LifeDiet down and stay lean forever.Late-night infomercials have you thinking that losing fat is either supereasy or way too hard. One guru says you can tighten your abs in just minutes a day,...

Best Shoes For Weightlifting and Working Out

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New Workout Apparel Haul…Nike & Ellie Activewear

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SC Dri-Fit T-Shirt starring Jimmy Curtis

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The Best Fitness Tracker Activity Monitor Pedometer Review

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Fitbit Flex Review

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