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Cheerleading Workout

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Abayomi White says:

nowaaaaay thts nkesha from….love this. how awesome!!

Alyssa Almes says:

I cheer for HA cheer I am Allstar♥

twinkieberry says:

I am a cheerleader for the new britain jr hurricanes

Madeline LaRestora says:


domonique shannon says:

mvms cheerleader

Joniah Foster says:

I’m a cheerleader

Nadia Fulford says:

for Dursley Diamonds!

LisaLovely says:

cheerleader here! :)

YouFound Lizzie says:

what is that supposed to mean?cheerleading just INCLUDES dancing

Yasmine Star says:

Cheerleaders are dancers who have gone retarded.

Linda Shute says:

ohhh… thanks for that

dwightl100 says:

Love it

Shannon Hager says:

you’re supposed to keep your arms in front of you when you do a hurdler

rehananlashell says:

Never watches this but it is cool

Shawanna Smith says:

because those are different things

Jania Fluellen says:

Did anyone else notice Kesha from Basket Ball Wives?

gettis10 says:

I love this..i do it everyday

annie banana says:

Make more videos! I love this!

Aja Smith says:

The counts only go up to eight

rissia patterson says:

that’s kesha from basketball wives …. :/

Best youtuber ever!!! :) says:

this really helps for cheer tryouts!!!

Katrina Manor says:

your not alone

singer4life33 says:

pretty cool weird beginnig though lol

IfGiveGaga Wooz says:

I’m Just Starting Cheerleading. Hopefully This Will Help

f0xkit says:

I’ve been out of high school for a couple years now, and I really miss
cheer. This is awesomeeee.

JenniferStoneisHott says:

Ugly Women For Cheerleaders.

Ana Teresa says:

I don’t know how you guys do things, but I’ve been cheering since I was six
and when we do a clasp (clapping) our elbows have to be together and since
when did cheer counting have any number above eight…

Ashli onthelow says:

lol ikr not concieted

XxThinkPinkkxX says:

omg this is incredible! plz keep making amazing cheerleading videos! ;)

janaesia griffin says:

is it really

bratchic24 says:


Ariel Gutierrez says:

because your not clapping your clasping like hold your hand in a cup

justinerae2000 says:

I luv to cheer but im not felexible at all

Jennifer van Os says:

Is this for High School Cheerleading or All Star?

Johnna Taylor says:

Right what and left what

Linda Shute says:

why do they say clasp instead of clap??????

Racheya7 says:

your not concieted at all ;D

TheIronGolem7363 says:


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